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What's happy company?@Omotesando Academy

Do you think this formula is correct?

The theme of this course is "happy" & "company".

Happy way to work.
Happy career.
Company that makes person happy.
Leader's ideal way.
We talk about such a topic with you,while hearing corporate leader's story every time.

Director:Jyunya OGINO who takes charge of the leader training course in the Omotesando academy. (Life Style Produce Ltd. CEO)

- SESSION 1.《 Can employee's happiness and cash flow coexist? 》

Date: Wed. 25th May 19:00~21:00

This is a lecture of the business model to make them unite employee's happiness and cash flow.
Speaker:Tadashi SHIGENAGA(Seikatsunoki Co.Ltd CEO)

- SESSION 2.《Company and happiness theory. Current state of "Happiness study"?》

Date:Wed. 22nd Jun. 19:00~21:00

speaker:Yoshikazu TOMITA(inner rise 53 Co.,Ltd.)
※Now we're plannning session3 to 6.

“Change‐The‐World Academy in Omotesando”
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phone: 03-3498-3164
email: academy@change-the-world.jp
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